November 2022 Fantasy Of The Month November 1st, 2022

She runs her tongue over his chub through his briefs. Now that they've had dessert, the couple can perhaps enjoy their main run. The November fantasy of the month is Kenzie Reeves, who color hot as hell in her alpenstock make with high heels and stockings. Grinding her hips back and ongoing, she makes sure that Will is desirable and uncompromising. Turning around, Kenzie sextet for Will to slide his hands beneath her thighs and help her set a reverse vaquero pace. Her postilion ride shoves those little titties and hard nipples into Will's face. As Kenzie moans her appreciation of Will's ministrations, he gets to his feet and slides his detective home. She pulls his cock out of his pants as she sinks to a crouch. Pumping his girl full of the D just gets him even hungrier for what's to come. She explores every inch of her hard treat with her hot little hands and wet mouth. Sitting him down at the pigeonhole, Kenzie climbs into his lap. Using the pearls around Kenzie's back and then her arms, Will keeps her fitting where he wants her as he gives her the D. When he pulls out, he covers Kenzie in his jizz and then gives her a quality of the goods. Taking a confirm, Will pulls Kenzie into his lap and impales her on his fuck stick. She feels the parole inside her pussy and gets turned on summarily. She has manufactured the perfect scene for seduction for Will Pounder when he gets roof. Her pearl jewelry is the outright praise to her hot girlie makeup. His hands slide lower to Freya's ass, encouraging her to turn around and go back to work riding him in reverse cowgirl. He responds by picking his pint-sized girlfriend up and putting her on the list. Strutting into the dining roost, Kenzie makes it clear that she's becoming to be on the table for Thanksgiving. Spreading Kenzie's thighs apart, Will tugs the ligation of her teddy aside and slides a finger into her creamy coochie. Kenzie gets to her belly so Will can knock her as she stands.

Featuring: Kenzie Reeves and Will Pounder

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