October 2021 Fantasy Of The Month

NubileFilms.com October 1st, 2021

Nathan rushes up to find the bed empty. Thrusting hard, he squeezes Alina's ass as he shillings away at her puss. Getting on her hands and knees, Alina is an ravishing notion to Nathan. She's dripping wet and her pussy hugs him like a fluff howl. He knees on the bed behind her and shoves himself nice and deep into her creamy center. Nathan is certainly feeling the effects of Alina's haunting, especially as things get more fleshly. The spooky season is officially here, and Alina Lopez has a myth that fits the vibe. When she sees her sexual new unwitting roommate, Alina knows she has to find a way to have him. When Alina rapids onto her side and lifts one leg, Nathan cuddles up behind her and reenters fuck hole. Alina is quick on the draw, climbing on top of Nathan and affirming that she's as real as she needs to be as she gives him eager kisses and then pops his hardon out of his bay. Shedding her enclothe, Alina climbs on top of Nathan and sinks down onto his molding. She even winds up in bed, rubbing her breasts through her perfect drape and masturbating, as proximo as Nathan leaves the room. When he move around, though, Alina finally manifests just for him as a corporeal lady who is gynecomaniacal as hell. Her moans fill the room, guiding him into a harder, faster kitty pounding. Alina hams it up, dropping Nathan's name and begging him to come tinge her. Obviously, this is an invitation he can't ignore. Throwing her star back in joy, Alina rocks her hips and bounces away. Nathan is terrified at first, falling onto his back on the bed. Over interval, Alina graduates from watching Nathan to following him around and disappearing any measure he might lay eyes on her. Obedient to Alina's needs, he brings her off. The position lets them like some intimacy through ready kisses even as Nathan continues to collapse deep with long, firm strokes. She manages to constitution the TV turn on with microfiche of herself once again going at it in his bed right upstairs. Alina can't get enough as she rolls onto her back and welcomes Nathan back inside for one last turn towards a big climax. Alina knocks a inscribe off the bay, then goes on to control his phone and play some porn while he's using it. Nathan tries to ask Alina if she's really a phantom, but she refuses to commit either way. Alina is always there, watching. A hold later, he pulls out to take his own delight on Alina's stomach. Alina is delighted; she's been waiting so spun-out for a man to satisfy her ghostly needs. By the time Alina has satisfied her arrearage to havoc Nathan's cock in an enthusiastic BJ, he's certainly convinced that she is, indeed, real enough. Playing the part of a sexy ghostwriter, Alina is haunting the nature that Nathan Bronson has pure rented for a getaway. Nathan finally breaks his chill enough to reach up and caress her incredible tits.

Featuring: Alina Lopez and Nathan Bronson

Categories: Blowjob, Shaved Pussy, Stockings Lingerie and Boy Girl