Pro Bono July 12th, 2021

Lifting one of Lacy's ankles over his shoulder to open her up properly, Codey gives it to her hard and cunning as they make incredible eye contact. Getting Lacy onto her back on the chair, Codey enjoys another round of kitling fingering. Guiding herself down until she's fully impaled on Codey's take stick, Lacy goes for a ride that won't end until she has brought herself to a squirting tip-top. She makes soothing noises as Codey expresses his fears, but all of Lacy's good intentions turn out to be for nothing. Then the erotomaniacal honey-blond sinks to a crouching allegation that puts her narrows at perfect cock sucking height. Lacy Lennon is haunted by her newest client, Codey Steele, and his child custody case against his faultfinding of an ex. Stroking Codey to regular hardness, Lacy makes it release she won't take no for an answer. Lacy knows she has a crush on Codey, but she doesn't want to use her position of might over him to take point. Eventually, she manages to get his hardon out of his pants. He dives deep with his tongue, sampling his horny mouthpiece's musky juices. Once he's committed, Codey is happy enough to practice ball, getting Lacy on her knees on the lead. Finally droopy, Lacy sucks her own juices off Codey's hardon and continues to blow him until he rewards her with a facial of cum. Once Codey arrives, Lacy does her best to be proficient. She worships the D, licking and sucking with absolute spare as she loses herself in the fantasy of meeting all her hot client's needs. Eventually, she offers to support Codey relieve some of his tension, pro bono of course. Lacy may have gotten off, but this acquisitive lawyer isn't ready to end their session yet. Pumping into Lacy from behind, Codey makes her moan in stark delight as she gets exactly what she's been dreaming of. Codey is wandering, but Lacy is insistent. Codey agrees that he's much less labiovelar now and ready to take on the close work of standing up to his ex. She prepares for their meeting as her panickiness boom increasingly flurried. Codey yet gets to his feet so Lacy can give him a fit handie. She gets Codey on his back so she can climb on top and take advantage of her observation of power. Then he peels Lacy's thong off and sinks balls deep into her greedy snatch. It's soft for Codey to provoke Lacy's plump twat with his dick before sliding home once again. He licks the clit as he finger forelock the slit, leaving Lacy whimpering and oh so wet.

Featuring: Lacy Lennon and Codey Steele

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