Joymii.com October 9th, 2011

Pure, fantastic sex. "I don't need anything but a strong, excited man" she said to us. Defrancesca especially disliked it this way. She's a simple gal with unaffected needs. : ) Of field, we alike the props and the sets too, but sometimes, it's nice to unchanging have it be fair and raw and bare... like this. The title says it all... this is pure sex. We hope you enjoy it as much as they did... : ) We did not have trouble finding a man to fill that position - in fact, we had a catalog of volunteers - and he did not have any trouble filling her position... or should we say, positions. Raw, erotic, exiting, real. Enough said. No overadornment, no set, no props... just sex.

Featuring: Richie and Defrancesca

Categories: Teen and Boy Girl