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When it's Jessie's turn to be in the middle, she finds her character cradled on Sabina's thigh. She uses that time to peel off her shirt, and then she and Jessie get Sabina on her knees to tag team her nenes. When Jessie gets to the part about inviting another girl in, Eliza sees an place. In fact, Eliza takes the opportunity to let Sabina take up with Jessie where she left off. At first, Jessie is suspicious that Sabina wants a guy, but Sabina claims she was thinking of a girl. The comment of course provoked a dealing where Sabina tells Jessie that she'd like to liven things up by inviting someone else into the bedroom. She may come off as 100% straight, but she high both procedure and she's had a bit of a thing for Jessie for a while. The girls character out in the kitchen, but eventually they move to the couch to get a grave bit more restful as they endure to investigate each other. Sabina Rouge and her girlfriend Jessie Saint are starting to hit a bit of a rut in their liaison. The next day, Jessie is commiserating with her lover Eliza Ibarra. Jessie, meanwhile, gets on her knees and feasts on her BFF's puss. Jessie finds herself on her back with Eliza above her, exploring Jessie's body with her talented maximum. Eliza and Jessie are cool to welcome Sabina with open arms. The girls are so involved in what they're doing as Eliza leans in to begin lapping away at Jessie's clit that they don't notice Sabina coming home from work. Then she captures Jessie's lips in a kiss that makes it clear Eliza thinks she is, in fact, exactly the right party. Moving lower, they each take their turn working Sabina to a big O as they insinuate her creamy glit. Lifting Jessie's miniskirt, Eliza palms her friend's twat. Tribbing with Eliza as Sabina plays with her tits is enough to leave all three girls feeling sated and fully sated with the experience of bringing in someone new. When she finds her rustle in her own panties to masturbate as she watches, she knows that it's time to frame her presence known and join in. The most recent time they made love, Jessie claimed it was mighty while Sabina thought it was pure amen. Sabina isn't unhappy to see her girlfriend in another mistress's embrace. As Sabina watches, unnoticed, she can't help but peel off her clothes and start feeling up her tender titties. Laying Sabina down on her back, Jessie climbs onto her girlfriend's mouth to go for a face sitting ride. Switching tackle up, the trio gets Eliza on her back with Sabina still enjoying Eliza's tongue as she rides Eliza's face. Meanwhile, Eliza arranges herself twat to twat with Jessie and starts rocking her hips to create some delicious contrariety. Strutting into Jessie's personal space, Eliza tells her angel that maybe she just needs to find the right person. She can't get enough, and Sabina moans longer and louder every time she complexion at her girlfriend eating another lady out. Once she has had a taste, she goes acute for a longer pussy licking indulgence. In fact, a big part of her fantasy has been to see Jessie enjoying another lady. Meanwhile, Eliza cuddles herself between Sabina's thighs and laves the flat of her tongue along Sabina's gash.

Featuring: Eliza Ibarra, Sabina Rouge and Jessie Saint

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