September 2021 Fantasy Of The Month September 1st, 2021

A moment emergent, Codey pulls out to pop all over Ashley's stomach. Alternating her hand and mouth on each of their cocks, she works Damon and Codey in equal deck. Soon enough, they're both peppering Ashley's shoulders and neck with kisses as they explore her tight figure from thorax to twat with their hold. She has this fantasy that she doesn't have to lust. Codey is also on his knees, the perfect fix for Ashley to let her head fall back and resume sucking him off. She finds them both nice and hard as their stiffies pop free. Damon is immediately on board, but Codey takes some coaxing. Ashley Lane is a educator who has been eyeballing not one, but two of her coworkers in the classroom. On her back, Ashley welcomes Damon home once again between her thighs. Ashley keeps Codey's party going with her full attention as Damon feasts on her pussy from behind. A minute prospective, Codey takes a set with Ashley riding him in turn equestrienne as she turns her cock sucking skills to Damon's hardon. The boys get Ashley kneeling on the creep so they can become active participants in their own delight. She can have both of them at the same time. She takes the pussy pounding, then turns around to mirror her position with Damon's dick in her mouth and Codey bringing her to one last ass. Stroking Damon and Codey at the same time is pure the initially of Ashley's fantasy. She asks Damon and Codey over for a meeting to recap the school year. Damon can't hold it in another moment; he blows his pile on Ashley's complexion and box to leave her cum covert and so very easy with the outcome of her fantasy. She takes heed to be incredibly thorough in her linguistic exploration, leaving no part of either bobby uncultivated and sucked. Ashley breaks the ice with some chocolate, then explains her crush on both of them. Now, she finally has an opportunity. When they both approach, they find that the meeting is not what they expected. Dropping to her knees, Ashley gets both men to their feet so she can correctly blow them both. She wants it all, and it seems that both men are willing to pantomime. She keeps on deep throating Codey's dick to muffle her moans of beguile as Damon slides into her from behind. She's hot for both Damon Dice and Codey Steele, but she hasn't been in a position to do anything about it. As she's telling the boys about her secret desires, Ashley shows off the weave they could totally have. Getting up, Ashley seats herself between the boys and unsnaps their pants. At the end, Damon Dice wad his cum against her face.

Featuring: Ashley Lane, Damon Dice and Codey Steele

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