Spin The Bottle

NubileFilms.com October 25th, 2021

She crawls right into Kyle's lap and straddles him so that she can lean in and devour his mouth. She suggests that they play gyrate the mass. The guys respond in kind, each pulling out just in instant to jizz all over their unite's ass. Freya mirrors Alex, getting Ryan's screw stick out for a lusty blow job. Knowing her husband is watching, Alex doesn't miss a flutter. Ryan can't benefit but pop a stiffie as he watches Alex and Kyle making out. Everyone seems open to Alex's go, so they go to the living room with a bottle. Now that the couples have officially swapped, things keep on escalating. Dropping to her knees, she takes his dick in hand to bring it to her arm so she can begin sucking. There's plenty to go around as Alex samples each guy's cum and then shares her treat with Freya via deep kisses. Just a taste isn't enough. Grabbing Kyle by the hardon, she guides him to the couch. Alex Coal and her partner Ryan Mclean have taken off to hang out more with Freya Parker and her husband Kyle Mason. Alex isn't shrewd to stop there. The girls bounce away in obvious delight, but there's nothing quite like knowing they can swap stiffies at any day to quite get them concupiscent. He grabs Freya and pulls her into his lap so he can give her the same treatment Alex is receiving. Once he has taken a seat, Alex urges Freya to hop onto her rabbi's detonate while Alex does the same with Ryan. The first spin connects Alex and Freya, who share a mischievous smile before they go in for a kiss. Their stance lets each of them reach forward to rub on their clits, which makes them each heave their heads back as they moan in delight. The girls find themselves on their backs next with their husbands plowing into each of their pussies. When they swap partners yet again so they can each enjoy a posh style gib pounding, nothing will check them from cumming rigid. There's been one heck of a Halloween party, and two couples have left together. When Alex rears back to tug her costume down so Kyle can take her titties, Ryan's control snaps. The two girls are soon indulging in each other's lips in a way that the guys could totally watch all pitch-dark. When the girls desire to deviation around, they do go ahead and plan a changeup so that Alex can test out Kyle's fuck stick and Freya can enjoy Ryan's. They primarily sit in the kitchen chatting, but that's just a little too boring for Alex. When it's Alex's turn to spin, her bottle collapse on Kyle. Alex gets Kyle to stand up so she can tug his building out of his pants.

Featuring: Alex Coal, Ryan McLane, Kyle Mason and Freya Parker

Categories: Teen, Blowjob, Hairy Pussy and Boy Girl