Sweet Indulgence

NubileFilms.com June 18th, 2022

First she gets to her feet and peels off her bedizen in a slow striptease that reveals her cute lingerie beneath. She lays belly down on top of him with her mouth ardently sucking his fuck check. Soon enough Lily is squirming love crazy and obviously eager as hell for something more. Just as Lily moans in orgasmic delight, Codey pulls out to blast off all over her bottom. Then he dives in with his tongue, tasting Lily's musky juices and fondling her clit with the tip of his lip. Parting from one another long enough to exchange their positions up, Codey lays on his back so LIily can crawl on top of him. Her mewls of excitement wax longer and louder the more she diddles herself. When Codey climbs further up the bed to smooch behind Lily, it's patent from the hardon digging into her ass that he's diplomatic and willing to help her out. Dropping complaisant kisses on Lily's inner thighs, Codey gets comfortable on his stomach. Rolling onto her back for the finishing move, Lily is just getting to the best part when Codey Steele joins her in bed and takes over for her sway. That position really gets Lily mewling to the point that she eventually lands on her back, still filled with prime as Codey keeps her pleasure pulsing. It's only a hot moment before she's thrusting her hips to the early of her gib-cat rubdown. Guiding him to the center of her pleasure, she lines him up so he can enter her with honest a cram of his hips. When Lily disengages from their collective traditional sex, it is to sink down onto Codey's hardon and impale herself in cowgirl. Waking up naked in bed, Lily Larimar realizes that her body could use some loving. Their 69 is passive, with plenty of licks and nibbles in between explorations with their fingertips. Fortunately for her, all it takes to get roving is for her to slip her fingers down beneath her body. Dredging her fingertips through her boyfriend's rapport, Lily licks them clean. He takes her from behind, giving her the deep infiltration that she needs to keep herself going. They take things cold for the first few minutes of their coupling, but soon Lily rolls onto her back with Codey still buried internal her so she can lock savour with him as he speeds things up. Reaching behind herself, Lily takes Codey's dick in hand to stroke his velvet steel. Lily's masturbation quickly rockets her towards fierce heights, especially once she fit fingering her tight take hole. Leaning backwards, she changes up the slant of penetration until it hits sterling the right spot. Her pussy is in the perfect licking position. Rolling onto her hands and knees, Lily opens herself as wide as she can for Codey to fit keep her delight going.

Featuring: Codey Steele and Lily Larimar

Categories: Teen, Blowjob, Shaved Pussy, Small Tits and Boy Girl