The Morning After November 13th, 2022

First she gets to her feet and peels off her paint in a slow striptease that reveals her cute lingerie beneath. Alex gives in to the seducement to take David's hardon and do some accomplishment of her own. As shortly as Alex has rocked her way through a big O, she medication to her knees and sucks David off to help him take care of that hardon by milking him dry of cum. Sliding down from the countertop, Alex turns around so that David can advance into her from behind. Their kisses are slow and salacious to begin, but they gradually grow more heated. He slides his fingers up and down her slit, spreading her pussycat juices all over. Now that they've begun to get it on, there's no end to the positions they can enjoy together. When David's claws begin to wander to Alex's breasts, she arches her back into him. A nap on the put together turns sexy when David Lee wakes his girlfriend Alex Coal up with light caresses and gentle tickles with his fingertips. Sliding Alex's thong to the side, David keeps on working on his girlfriend's pleasure. That makes it easy for him to finger mate Alex while eating her out. He's quick to get those nipples hard as he makes sure to lavish attention on Alex's jugs. David relocates them to the coffeeroom conflicting aside, which puts Alex's pussy at the thoroughgoing caliber for an individual feast. Leaning drive, she presses her breasts in his posture for him to motorboat as she rocks her hips in a hot rhythm. That makes it easy for her to shape him into her pastel twat as they continue spooning together. When he has finally had enough of those teasing touches, David rolls Alex over to face him so they can really begin to enjoy each other. Lifting one leg makes the turn of insinuation even hotter for both of them as David keeps the set going. Crouching unimpeachable enough to get his tongue in there, David fangs one of his lover's legs over his shoulder to positively clear her up. Alex is unmistakably interested as she grinds her hips backwards into David's hardon. Their mellow explorations keep as Alex indulges in some touching of her own. Alex helps David to a planted view so she can pass on down on his fuck stick. She receives every drop of his cum and licks toroughly her fingers.

Featuring: Alex Coal and David Lee

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