The Perfect Touch September 5th, 2012

When Tony Rivas offers Presley Hart a massage, she eagerly accepts. He arranges himself on the table and allows her to guide his erection into her welcoming heat. As Presley feels her orgasm careening quickly down on her, she slows things down by allowing her lover's charge to lapse out of her so that she can dig it between their sweaty worship. Craving something deeper, Presley precipitate urges Tony to let her upgrade to the mountaintop of the register so he can file her from behind. Gripping the log as the enjoyment pools within her, Presley rolls onto her back to change to the more intimate priest eye before her pinnacle overtakes her. He erupts all over her stomach as she basks in the afterglow of their lovemaking, rubbing his cum into her skin with obvious pleasure. He grabs her perfect round bottom to pitch her twat up as he pushes himself into her until his balls slap against her ass. The massage quickly takes a sensual turn when Tony leans mend and presses a kiss to Presley's breasts. Tony tantalizes his lover with his tender touch as he traces her body with careful precision, running his fingertips along her curves. When Tony cannot take any more, Presley shifts her position to press his hard dick against the soft warmth of her chylific in an beguiling he cannot ignore. Warming to the new study, Presley reaches above her head to flit Tony's shorts down and to run her head up his growing shaft. Tony takes that opportunity to change to a more intimate spooning position before he reenters her. When Tony enters her one final scope, Presley massages her sensitive clit and throws her rank back in an amazing mating that leaves her entire body quivering. The shallow action of penetration hits Presley's g-freckle perfectly as Tony thrusts into her. She rides him obstinate and rapid, grinding tightly against him before raising her hips and sinking down again. Unable to hold back on his own luxury any longer, Tony pulls his dick out and gasps as Presley wraps her joker around it to jerk him towards nirvana. With a lurid delight, she squeezes his spotter and uses it to pull him closer. She slides him out slowly and suckles Tony's foreskin, captivating him with her warm affirmation as she stares at him up the line of his body. Presley closes her eyes and arches her back, reveling in the amazing passion that Tony's talented fingers kindle. Caressing his vulva, Presley wraps her mouth around the tip of his processing and sucks hard before taking all of him into her bight and tricky into her throat.

Featuring: Toni Ribas and Presley Hart

Categories: Blowjob, Shaved Pussy and Boy Girl