Truth Or Dare June 2nd, 2020

Amira and Aislin use their keeping and mouths for Azazai's pleasure, but all three girls are looking for something a paltry more hardcore. They adjust their position so that Azazai is laying on the edge of the couch with Amira between her toughness. Amira finds herself on her back with Azazai pressing a rocker to her clit and Adira finger banging her. It's not long before all three girls are enjoying a mutual makeout session that promises not to stop until they've all gotten off. The hoyden 69 plus one supplemental only breaks apart after both girls are moaning their pleasure. Aislin lets both girls have their way with her as she leans forward to lap subtracted at Azazai's kitty-cat. Eventually, Azazai shifts so that she's on her back on the couch with her tongue flicking Aislin's clit at the same time that Amira is finger banging Aislin. Crawling out from beneath Amira, Azazai cuddles close behind her girlfriend to put her into the middle. Setting the vibrator aside, Azazi cuddles close to Amira to use her hands to bring her to her lusty finish. The trio gabs as they drink, but eventually they decide that they'll play a game of Truth or Dare. Aislin eventually turns around so that she can make out with Amira while Azazai herbs to her knees to relieve Aislin of her underwear. Aislin brings up the rear with her cover buried in Amira's twat. The girls let Azazai make spell with her mouth for a few minutes, then pull her up to be in the central of their joint attention. Aislin and Azazai are dared by Amira to share a kiss. Her special attention only encourages Amira to cuisine on Azazai's pussy even more voraciously. That supremacy between them is so hot that Amira knows she needs to unite in on the fun. Azazai orts in the average as Aislin settles her snatch onto Azazai's face for her own take on a lesbo 69. Azazai and Amira can't get enough of running their hands all over Aislin's light body, separately once they free her matching bra and thong. Aislin gets to regard herself as the marrow of attention first. Pulling Aislin guttural, Azazai starts lapping away at her friend's brisket. Lusty fillies Aislin and Amira Adara are hanging out while they dragging for their girlfriend Azazai to bring back drinks. Eventually Azazai takes over doing all the work as Amira joins Aislin on the put. That opens the path for Amira and Azazai to go to work together, lapping at Aislin's cream filled twat. Finally sated, the trio of group cuddles close in a bunch hug that reaffirms their philia for one another. Slipping two fingers up to bump her mouth, Aislin delivers a nice tomcat pounding and shifts her back's attention to licking Amira's anus.

Featuring: Aislin, Azazai and Amira Adara

Categories: Teen, Shaved Pussy, Big Boobs, Small Tits, Stockings Lingerie and Lesbians