Up To Something

NubileFilms.com October 7th, 2021

Damon takes a hot second to blow at Freya's while Alina licks her clit, Then he sticks it in so that he is banging Freya as the girls eat one another out. Freya remainder on top as Alina turns around so that her chief is beneath Damon's balls. He works with Alina to get Freya on her back with her thighs spread, presenting her pussy for easy lickings. Her posh style pussy pounding only ends as Freya climbs over her back to lap at her snatch, the prelude of a lesbian 69. Once she has made absolute that Damon is going to take a government on approach to her friend's breasts, Alina sinks to her knees and grouping sucking him off. Dropping to their knees, they put their hot little mouths back to work. He gets on his back and lets Alina Slide down onto his screw stick in cowgirl. Sucking him off until he's nearing the finish line, they rear back with their mouths broad to receive their salty review. When Damon shows the two coeds to the bedroom, they peel off their clothes as they resume their interrupted BJ. Mr. Dice isn't about to let Freya and Alina have the only taste of paradise, though. Alina turns to Damon and insists that he's going to have to ease her clear that up. Alina gets one last ride on the D as she falls to her back and lets Mr. Dice back between her thighs. Once Damon delivers, they substitute the goods with a deep kiss that belies their slick satisfaction with the success of their mission. Knowing that he's in big trouble no matter what, Damon continues to shy. There's good one last goal: a facial. Freya takes Damon's mouth, putting her in the perfect point to bounce apart in beat with Alina as they kiss above him. Freya indulges in a few more kisses before joining Alina on the ground so they can work together to present a BJ that is knowing, sloppy, and a prelude of appurtenances to come. Alina is also bright to discover that Damon's dick is nice and hard. He shoves clever, letting her moans guide his vigorous strokes. The girls put on a bit of a show for him, sliding their fingertips over one another's cod. They visit their friend's sept when they know she's not there and claim that they surplus one of their school cashbook. Freya can even lean precipitate and lap at Alina's bag! Alina and Freya submit that they aren't leaving without the book, which they fake to search for. The girls have gotten almost everything they desired out of their friend's dad. Damon tries to potency back, but Alina is straight there to keep his hand in station. Alina lies down beside her crony so that Freya can reach over to fondle her clit. Since neither his nuncle nor his wife is home, Mr. Dice initially doesn't shortage to let them in. Next up it's time for the girls to take Damon for a ride. Shifting once again so that he is oversure to bear inside Freya's softened twat, Damon shoves all the way inside. Leaving the pussy feast to Alina, Damon gets on his knees by Freya's face so that he can devour another round of cock sucking. Rubbing Freya's bookcase with a sponge brings down her top to manifest her perky crop. Freya asks for a glass of water, which she promptly pours over her dug. Riding Freya's estuary is an grand warmup, but Alina is oh so ready for the main event to begin for her. When that's not enough for Alina, she climbs on top of Freya's face so that Freya can feast on her cum loving fuck hole. Alina Lopez and Freya Parker have the physical for their brother's dad, Damon Dice. As soon as Alina's gasps present that she has begun to enjoy a big summit, Damon ducks down and licks and sucks her swollen snatch to help prolong it. Getting on her hands and knees, she moans in delight as Damon shoves himself balls deep into her from behind. She collects all the cum and sucks him until he could not cum anymore.

Featuring: Alina Lopez, Damon Dice and Freya Parker

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