Walking In On My Boss

NubileFilms.com July 21st, 2021

A little while coming, Alex goes in search of her boss. Leaning Alex forward, Ryan guides himself home and then thrusts deep. Hopping off the D, Alex licks Ryan clear of her juices. She doesn't need to be asked twice. Guiding herself down onto Ryan's hardon, she rocks her hips in a sensual beat. Dropping to her knees in front of Ryan in a deliberately alluring move, Alex then turns around so he can get a good glimpse of her ass as she looks under the table. It's not lengthy before Alex once again goes to her knees in front of her boss, this stage with ithyphallic fervent. Ryan hasn't paid her yet, so he comes out to give Alex her possessions and an front. She starts her ride in jockey, but quickly move around into reverse cowgirl so that Ryan can enjoy squeezing and spanking her ass as she keeps their party going. After a few minutes to give Ryan a indeterminate to copulate himself, Alex goes to the door and yells to him that she's heading out. Ryan Mclane is recently divorced, which move he's living alone in a new bachelor pad. Alex manages to remind him that she's a tantalizing (and available) dewy lady one day when he in out of his office in research of his phone. Of line it's awkward as Ryan tries to get Alex out. When Alex move around, Ryan leans her back against the doorway and keeps on pounding remove at that greedy twat. Alex enjoys the sensation of fullness, but when she raises one leg in the air it changes up the angle of penetration in a way that makes her pussy really thrill. She keeps on licking and sucking as she encourages him to pop and enjoy his own crown. When Ryan finally loses his pack, Alex is happy to embrace her job and clean him up with loving licks of her tongue. She opens the door to his room and walks in on him with his cock in hand masturbating. Alex steps close and tells Ryan that he's her treasured customer and that yea, she doesn't lust to go. Helping her up, he gets her breeks and belt off and leans her against the wall so he can do right that. Drawing her close, he gives her the kiss they've both been dreaming of. Eventually, Alex gets her bias in control when Ryan lays down on the floor and pulls her on top of him. She pulls away just long enough to discard her shirt, then goes back to sucking and stroking with absolute warmth. Ryan finds the phone a book later and beat it out of the room, but Alex is on his mind now in a big way. He tells Alex he understands if she doesn't want to come back. Ryan doesn't want Alex on her knees as much as he wants her on her point with his dick buried esoteric her. Ryan is far too busy to keep the place clear himself, so he has hired Alex Coal to do it for him. By the time they're done talking, Ryan has his hand on Alex's cheek. Unzipping Ryan's jeans, Alex opens light to help him take care of his stiffie. Alex has had a crush on Ryan for a while, but he doesn't seem to understand she exists. She closes the vent, but not before enjoying the view. Alex Coal collects all his cum and sucks him until he could not cum anymore.

Featuring: Alex Coal and Ryan McLane

Categories: Cum In Mouth, Deep Throat, Blowjob, Spanking and Boy Girl