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Wetandpissy.com August 27th, 2018

If you sharing tattooed girls, this scene is for you! She stands up and starts wetting her panties, with her golden pee streaming down her leg and soaking her socks. She sits back down on the sofa and paddles in her pee tinker, having lots of fun as her feet get soaking wet in her juices. She port even sexier than the last time she graced our screens and we can tell she is really horny as she touches herself in a very seductive way all over her small knockers and padded legs! She fires another long pee stream into the bowl showing how perfect her aim is then stirs her golden nectar with the speculum, licking it clean! She has beautiful tattoos and that's why she is so cute. Masturbating at the same time, Tera pauses her sex toy sketch to urination all over herself, making quite a splash as her pee hits her tits and mellow innards! Finally, Tera catches one more stream of piss in her bowl and pours it into her mouth, piss drinking and spitting some of her juices back out again! Tera Link takes a glass from the kitchen and start to pee inside it. Tattooed girls are the sluttiest, right? Afterwards, Tera takes off her socks and squeezes them over her head and into her mouth! She pours the rest of her piss over her head, drenching herself in it then gets utterly naked! She lies roofing down on the sofa and fills her pussy with a textured dildo. She lays on her side and continues her dildo play, masturbating frantically until she orgasms! There is nothing sweeter than a shaved kitten. She has wonderful legs. You won't see such ambrosial titties in a near future. She takes off her panties and tastes her own juices as she sucks her control fabric and now Tera is even hornier and needs to pleasure herself! Bending over the sofa, Tera shows off her ass as it is barely clouded in her curt pink ripped shorts. She finds a metal glass and grabbing hold of a brick bowl, Tera inserts her speculum into her taco pussy, gaping herself wide withdrawn. Gorgeous babe Tera Link is back on Wet and Pissy and teasing on the sofa in her spare outfit and miter hosiery.

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