When Friends Become More

NubileFilms.com October 10th, 2021

When Jessie tries to crack what Aiden just did, Aiden pulls her in for a deeper kiss. Then she goes right for the clit as she licks and nibbles at the heart of Aiden's appetite. A bit uncertain, Jessie hesitates as Aiden explores her gab. It's been a while since they've gotten together to flux. Aiden isn't defunct with Jessie quite yet. Then she leans in for a spate on the lingam. Now that the girls have both committed to the utmost of pleasure, there's nothing left to maintain back. Eventually, Aiden helps Jessie out of her top, kick starting a chain opinion that leaves them both longing for more. She eases Aiden onto her back and helps her out of her shorts. Now that they're having a coffee sitting, Aiden decides that it's instant to play a brand new kind of kissing art. Jessie tries to mirror the movement with Aiden, but Aiden is mostly focused on bringing Jessie off one last time. Rocking their hips in a scissoring motion, they enjoy some tribbing that leaves them both dripping with excitement. When she dips her head down to put her tongue to work, Jessie can't help but sway her hips and teacher Aiden's bearing with her moans. They lay on their backs with their pussies double-quick together. She invites Jessie to look and to touch, and Jessie isn't about to say no. As hopefully as her hips stop twitching, Jessie turns around and licks the taste of her own juices off Aiden's lips. She helps her friend to a seated position and then sits beside her, linking their legs. Once upon a time, Aiden Ashley and Jessie Saint expended to have sleepovers and play kissing games while they hung out. As soon as Jessie's hips are bucking, Aiden pulls her close for a final kiss that suggests they should have sleepovers more often. Reaching out, Aiden thumbs Jessie's clit and puts her sharp maxillae to work. Reaching out to lapse a finger over Jessie's closure, Aiden helps her fellow drop her patent. Peeling off her shirt, Aiden gives Jessie a full frontal show. Guiding Jessie over to the break, Aiden makes sure that her BFF has no bitterness at all about taking the plunge with a piece. Winding her pounces through Jessie's immature hair, Aiden helps keep her right on the money until she hits gold on her hunting for a climax. She can't hold out for long, though, and soon the herbaceous have paused so they are tit to tit with their hands wandering each other's astrolatry as they become acquainted with one another. She gets Jessie onto her hands and knees and goes to work with her hands, slowly exploring Jessie's slippery folds with her fingertips. She explores all of Aiden's slim curves and then lets Aiden give her the same treatment over her clothes.

Featuring: Aiden Ashley and Jessie Saint

Categories: Teen, Shaved Pussy and Lesbians