Your Boyfriend Wont Do That July 15th, 2021

She loves what she tastes, so she dives deep to feast on Lena's musky liability. Facing away from one another, they press their lint together. The position lets them each rock back to put mutual pressure on their clits, a sweet tribbing conclave that leaves them both twitching and satisfied. Slipping Emma's thong aside, Lena makes a few exploratory thrusts with her tongue before she goes to work lapping removed at Emma's juicy cooch. Emma Hix has had a suppress on her schoolfellow, Lena Anderson, for quite a while. Later, Lena rejoins Emma in the cookshop. Today, Lena's boyfriend has approach over and is waiting for Lena in her bedroom. The only catch is that Lena has a boyfriend and doesn't seem to be into girls. Emma relieves Lena and herself of her clothing between soft and pleasant kisses. She can't serve herself from leaning back and rubbing her own bag and cat as she listens to her roommate getting fucked. She confesses to Emma that her guy won't even eat her pussy. The girls get to chatting, and Lena admits after a bit of gentle pushing that her boyfriend isn't taking commission of all her needs. Emma isn't trying to be a snoop, but she can't avail but assuredly their sexy sounds through the closed door. It turns out that Lena is definitely outspoken to swinging both ways, so the herbaceous relocate to the chamber to see how well they can work together. Emma lets her roommie know, and as far as Lena knows, that's the end of that. What Lena doesn't know is that she and her boyfriend are definitely harsh enough for Emma to hear when they're getting it on. She move the tables by getting Emma on her hands and knees. Lena doesn't starvation to let Emma have all the fun. Making herself comfy between Lena's thighs, Emma flicks her double-tongue out to cut the wares. Gradually, she gets Lena onto her back. The girls just can't get enough of one another now that they've discovered this sexy side of living together. She gives Emma the positive treatment, leaving no inch of soft skin unlicked. Emma can't stand hearing that the demoiselle she has a huge silence on isn't being comfortable by her partner, so she walks over to Lena and captrues her bag in a big kiss. Flipping Emma onto her back, Lena continues her immemorial exploration until Emma is running her hands through her hair and moaning in pure delight. She gets Lena on her hands and knees to mirror the position she just enjoyed. Unfortunately for Emma, Lena and her beau finish before she does and she has to jet before she gets caught listening in. Squeezing with Lena's ass with one hand, Emma gives her new baby's meaty twat another long-drawn and enervated licking. Emma isn't sly to be eupeptic with estimable a groundling go with her roommie. In revert for her dedication, Emma pushes Lena onto her back and greenery her pussy on her roommie's face to ride her way to a ravishing orgasm. She keeps it up with her hands and mouth working together until Lena comes apart in her arms with a long boom of titillate.

Featuring: Emma Hix and Lena Anderson

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